Loves like a hurricane

As Hurricane Sandy approached the New Jersey coast yesterday, we were also feeling the effects all the way in South Carolina. Strong winds settled in, making themselves at home. The eery sound of the wind rushing by our windows and doors was a little unnerving. I sat on the couch praying for God’s safety from the storm. That the half snapped limb on our big oak tree wouldn’t collapse under the heavy winds. Thankfully it didn’t.

(Snow in the North Carolina mountains!! Wow!!)

Hearing all of the news reports on the storm got me thinking about the song by John Mark McMillan. We’ve heard the song… God’s love compared to a hurricane. The song’s name–“How He loves”. Contemplating on the verses for a bit, I realized God really does love us like a hurricane. His love is strong and massive. It reaches to the greatest heights, and goes down to the deepest pits. It covers a lot of ground. It’s rough. It’s fast. It’s furious. It’s glorious. It’s awe inspiring. It’s wild. It’s beautiful.  And once felt, it leaves an impact on the most unlikely source–a sinner’s heart that has been changed forever.

This year I’ve experienced the love of God in so many ways. Ways I’ve never felt before. And I’ve also experienced God’s love through things I’ve had to live through. Living through the death of a child is the most difficult thing I’ve ever walked through. Something that I thought would kill me, just left me broken and empty. However, His love followed my devastation, and filled my hurt with hope. Filled my brokenness with joy. Filled my sorrow with peace. He does love like a hurricane. Through all the tears, anger, and sorrow, God was there through it all. His love never let up. It endured through every emotion I was feeling. It pressed in, when all I wanted to do was pull away. So with little strength I had, I held on. Held on to His love and His promises. And He carried me to safety. The safety of His arms.

Through this, I’ve come out a different person. How can you go through something like this and not be a changed person? And He’s continuing to make me a stronger person. A more devoted person. A more praying person. A more confident person. A more loving person. All because He loved me first.

To wrap this blog post up, I want to share what I heard God say to me the other day. On Saturday, I had just had the worst day at work–ever. I was finally heading to my car at 9:30 pm when the verse in Isaiah came to mind. The verse says ‘it pleased God to crush Him’. Him meaning Jesus. That verse has always perplexed me. However, Saturday I was in rare form. I was angry, exhausted, and drained from the day already. And so, I just took my frustration out on God. I basically told God that this verse was so stupid. And straight up asked Him “why the heck were you pleased with crushing Your only Son”. And as plain as if I were talking straight to you, He said three simple words I will never forget. “Because of you.” I immediately took a deep breathe, and knew it was God who had just answered me. I asked Him to forgive my proud and sinful heart, and He did. And I just remember thinking about this crazy love He has for us. He knew the momentary effects of wounding His Son, would have lasting effects on a sinner’s soul. What an awesome God we serve! His love goes on forever!!!


2 comments on Loves like a hurricane

  1. Kaysie
    November 1, 2012 at 2:02 pm (6 years ago)

    such an incredible post! thank you for sharing. what an awesome God we serve! 🙂

    your site is so refreshing. lovely!

    blessings to you…

  2. Dolly@Soulstops
    November 27, 2012 at 2:00 pm (6 years ago)

    What a powerful testimony you give through your life, and your loss…So sorry…yes, God’s love can be like a hurricane…Thank you for pointing to Him.