Nagging Wives

The other day I was sitting in Panera Bread eating some soup and reading on my Kindle when I became astounded by what I heard. She was talking to him like he was a child. Making comments like “you’re really asking that,” and “just let me eat.”  When he asked her if he could have a bite of her bread she immediately came back with a resounding “NO!!!” I was outraged! Really? I had to imagine that they had been married for quite a while. I had to imagine that he wasn’t happy. They sat behind me, mostly in silence, just eating quietly, with an occasional rude comment. I found myself getting upset with the woman. I felt like that she was the typical woman who is referred as a nagging wife. I’m not sure what got them to that point. The point where rude comments, selfishness, and little in common were the norm.

I started thinking about myself and Chris. We were the complete opposite of that. We love each other more than any other person on the planet. We love sharing life together. We are each others biggest fans. We laugh together. We cry together. We love together. We pray for each other. We pray with each other. We’re best friends.

I realize that some may say, “just wait until years later when the love dies and your marriage is stale.” We have been married only three years, but we have gone through a lot together. We’ve gone through college, graduation, diagnoses, health scares, fears, and deaths. Yet, we are stronger than ever. Yes, we fight. Yes, we disagree. But we love each other, and choose to love each other with the love of Christ.

Let us, as women, respect our husbands. Let us be their biggest fans. Let us pray over them, and pray with them. Let us love them with the love of Christ.

Below are a couple of awesome sites on praying for your husbands.



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